Mold Remediation on Long Island Needed Due to Moisture Levels

Mold remediation on Long Island  is because of the high level of moisture year round. Mold needs water in order to spread. Basement foundations have soaked up plenty of water. Basements also have cold walls during the winter. Condensation then builds up, which causes mold growth, which we can see around the concrete’s foundation since more basement flooding is caused by pump failure. Old pumps can stop working, and a power outage during a storm can cause your house damage,  mold removal in Suffolk County is necessary. Crawl spaces are made for moisture and will have it inside. Humidity means mold will grow..


Crawl spaces have a plastic vapor barrier, while some do not. The accumulated dirt from the earth is moist, causing mold to grow requiring mold remediation on Long Island. A crack in the foundation will lead to a smaller water leak. This leak comes along the outside wall of your basement. You need to have mold remediation on Long Island done or it will get bigger. A homeowner can take care of mold elimination, as there are two types of cleaning agents you need to make it happen. Those cleaning agents you need to buy at the hardware store, Concrobium Mold Control, or Chlorox Cleanup. There are different kinds of mold found in Suffolk County NY.


There is yellow mold found in house plant soil, house-eating mold that eats into the material used in a crawl space. A mold called aspergillus can cause those with weak immune systems or children to have some respiratory issues because of this type of mold. Aspergillus is an airborne fungus recognized by the Center for Disease Control. A flooded basement can cause this type of mold to spread as it takes 24 hours to dry out the wet basement. The wet drywall will have to be cut out if this is not done right away, sooner rather than later. Mold is not something many people understand very well.


Mold removal is necessary in order to maintain the health of the people in a house. Mold remediation on Long Island is a carefully put together process that can happen without destroying your bank account. The mold removal situation can be broken down into the following steps, the need to contain the mold so as the mold spores do not spread, HEPA Air Scrubbing designed to capture 99% of the mold floating in the air of your house, and antimicrobial cleaning which cleans the contaminated area with hospital-level cleaning supplies, and the last step is the HEPA Vacuuming & Clean-Up of Work Area. The customer is then informed the cleaning job worked, in Suffolk County NY.