How Much does Polished Concrete Flooring in Tampa Cost?

Concrete is perhaps the most used building material in the world. It is strong and incredibly versatile. However, there’s a caveat. Although strong and utilitarian, concrete is one of the most sterile looking, bland products out there. Concrete can look flat out ugly in a customer’s home, sales floor or restaurant unless it has a special touch. That feature being that is having polished concrete flooring in Tampa.



 What is polished concrete flooring in Tampa


Established in the last 14-years or so, polished concrete is the act of creating a polished sheen to a concrete floor, through special chemicals and diamond abrasives.


 Why are polished concrete floors so popular?


Concrete floors, such as polished concrete flooring in Tampa is very popular because they are not only economical compared to stone or hardware wood floors, they are easy to maintain and clean, and they are mold and allergen free.


Modern architects have been increasingly using concrete floors in their designs, because of the sheer variety of finishes they provide, and concrete floors, which are also stain resistant, are very popular with businesses for their showrooms, and in restaurants in place of tile.


 How much does polished concrete flooring Tampa cost?


Typically, polished concrete flooring according to Angie’s List is around $2,000 for a 200 square foot room. Of course, the costs will vary according to the level of the shine you wish to have on your floors, how decorative the aggregate is, and how many pillars and other barriers requiring intricate edges there are.


In rare cases, a company can also polish and already floored pour, which is, of course, cheaper than a floor poured from scratch.


 Who do I get to do my polished concrete flooring?


Experience matters a great deal in choosing a contractor. Cheapest is not always the most cost-efficient. You want a contractor with several years of experience and has done a lot of projects to guarantee your project will come out right.


In the Tampa area, polished concrete contractors have done a number of high-end polished concrete floors for numerous home building, and commercial concrete pours,


Most companies have trained staff, experienced in creating a smooth, quality concrete pour, as well as experts at diamond polishing your floor to a glossy finish.

They can also add a fine layer of grit atop your floor to prevent slips and accidental falls on your flooring.