Which Suffolk County Process Server Do You Like?

Saying you are a process server in a crowded room in Suffolk County NY, will probably invoke many gasps from everyone around you. Do not be surprised if afterwards you are shunned as if you are part of an Amish colony.

Process Server in Suffolk County NY

I guess it can’t be the easiest thing to be, that is a process server. You are not exactly a private investigator, but you do go around looking for people, presumably to make their life miserable! Seriously, we all have the desire, while we are enjoying a picnic somewhere in Suffolk County, Long Island, to be on the receiving end of a document drop!


I have never been personally served in person, though I have had legal papers mailed to me, via certified delivery. I believe in NY if a number of attempts are made and it is not successful, then you can be served through certified mail.


You know you will be the death, not life of every party. It is kind of like predators looking for their prey. You size them up and look for their weak points before you pounce. Instead of powerful jaws wrapping around the neck of the helpless, the weapon is a Suffolk County NY court document. That is probably more deadlier than the former.


In google, it shows that the average process server makes anywhere between 25,000 and 70,000 per year. In Long Island, NY, this is not that great of an income. I did not see whether this was as a w-2 or a 1099. I guess, like in any other type of business, you would want to pick the service that pays the most.


In my research, I saw you can get as high as $250 per service. Now that sound like some real money. If you did around 10 of these per week, you could have yourself some nice income. But, it would likely take a while for anyone to hit this level. Also, every other process server in Suffolk County NY would be trying to do the same thing. This would require some personal charm and convincing your clients that you “always get your man”


I guess, process servers, bounty hunters and private investigators have this trait in common. I would assume bounty hunters and pi’s would earn more. As for a career trajectory, if you really like stalking people legally, then I guess a PI would be a logical step.