The Ten Easiest Businesses to Start

When the term ‘Entrepreneurship’ is mentioned, most people think of a massive dot com franchise, a huge online business chain, and many similar companies. While the undying dream and vision of owning a business are what defines an ardent entrepreneur, you can start a business from virtually nothing. With a little capital, an idea, a well-written business plan and, of course, a strategic locality, you can even start tomorrow.

Similar to any other business, many challenges will face it. In fact, over a million American businesses today started from scratch, gradually developing into what they are today. That said, the top ten companies to start with ease include those that can be run online as well as physically. They include the following.

  1. Coaching and Consultation

Unlike any big business, a coaching and consultation business only requires skill and an ideal office. If you are extremely great at an expertise, turning it into money ought to be an easy task. The success story of being a consultant is the total number of clients who can trust your services enough not just to return but bring along their colleagues.

Some potential businesses under this category include being a private students coach, private therapist, peer and family psychologist as well as an athletics trainer. Additionally, you can be a business consultant, a web-based consultant, and even a web marketer. One trait that’s of particular importance under this niche is being able not just to add value to a client but also offer a realistic solution to their problems.

  1. Nanny Services

Do you have a lot of free time? How great are you in babysitting a child or caring for the old? Nanny services business is a profession that requires no capital and can be started and run at any safe and secure location. Your typical day will entail caring for the children or the elderly and doing some easy chores. Payment is typically made per hour.

  1. Online Store

E-commerce has truly revolutionized the way business is done nowadays. E-stores, although they require a little capital to start, have significantly made it possible for millions of online enthusiast to earn a living. From importing items from as far as China and reselling in the US, starting an online store similar to being an eBay store owner is seamlessly easy. There are several e-commerce websites to choose from, including eBay, Amazon, and Craigslist. Starting small, you can choose to target the fast moving items, gradually growing into the bigger and more profitable ones.

  1. Event Planning and Catering

The process of planning an event, be it a party or a wedding is often a tedious task which could easily be relegated to an event planner. Besides the stress of ensuring that all factors are in place, keeping everything on point including decorating the location and designating tasks to everyone is tiring. Among those easy-to-start businesses is signing up as an event planner and caterer. With some skills that encompass proper planning and décor, and with a vibrant team of like-minded individuals, being an event planner and caterer can be a great venture for you. In fact, for such an initiative, you are bound to get higher perks per event.

  1. Design Calendars, Postcards, and Business Cards

With your computer and precise knowledge about designing top quality items, you can even start this today of activity. While an excellent designing and publishing software must be used, your mind is the driving force, churning out extraordinary pieces of art. It is a business that only a few have thought about hence you are confident of higher levels of demand as your fame grows.

  1. DJ Services

Everyone is entitled to some fun and entertainment. As a DJ, your primary targets will be the many weekly parties and events. Thanks to the ever developing technology, you won’t even need those costly equipment to start as there are several downloadable software that work just fine. However, a bit of training to horn your skills and gain reputation will be vital.

  1. Freelance Writing and Transcription Services

Until yesterday, professional online freelance writing and transcription services were unheard of. Novelists and authors were responsible for creating all the many captivating contents. Today, however, with your computer, a reliable internet connection, and impeccable grammar, you can make a living out of this. With the ever increasing demand for great content as well as transcribing lots of videos and audios, you can be sure of a real profitable business.

  1. Housecleaning and Pet Grooming

Many people don’t enjoy the tedious task of cleaning their home’s floors. With an entrepreneur’s mind, you can earn a few dollars by just using their equipment and your skills. Additionally, grooming their pets requires no particular skill and will be readily available.

  1. Part-Time Chef

With the ever increasing search for a great chef, you can embark on this well-paying job. Visiting a family for a tasty meal, doing their dishes and home clean-up work or simply organizing simple part-time cooking classes can earn you a few coins. Remember that with proper marketing, getting clients won’t be a hard task.

  1. Gardening Services

There are many professional gardeners out there today. If your work is great, someone will look for you, hire your to regularly do their gardening and, of course, pay you. It is among the easiest businesses to start today.

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