Starting A Tree Removal Business

Is a tree removal service is a perfect business to start?

The previous article we were speaking about different types of business to start. People are always searching, for the easiest ones to start since starting any business can cost lots of cash and require tons of effort.

Lots of business can take months or even years at a minimum to become profitable. Now what if the business you want to start is a profession that you are not familiar with?

viously that would be an issue but as you saw with the business that was previously mentioned, starting a tree trimming service , the learning curve is not that steep. This would be a fantastic company to start. Just ask Steve of Sebring Tree Service.

You may be saying to yourself, I am not an arborist. Guess what, Steve also was not an arborist

He saw a need, and realized he just needed to do it better and to treat his customers as they were real people, not just marks.

Now do you need to know how to perform tree cutting effectively and probably shrubs also. Steve just started with subcontractors who were skilled tree surgeons. In Florida, where people are worried about tree’s falling on their homes during hurricane season, starting a tree pruning service can be a very lucrative business.

The average ticket for tree removal can be quite high. You are looking at at least $500 for the Sebring, Avon Park, Lake Placid market. That is not too shabby for that area.

If you average 10 customers per week, that is about 5 thousand a week or 260,000 for the first year

For  equipment, all you need a truck, industrial strength wood chipper, power saw, bucket truck and other assorted tools. You can either buy older trucks or lease newer ones. The rest of the stuff you can get used.

Now depending on how much money you have for your new tree removal service, will determine what type of advertising you are going to do.

Steve recommends forgetting about traditional advertising, because it not easy to track. I actually told him that is really not true. I am a guy who understands small business and I have a few tricks up my sleeve. You can get VOIP (Voice over IP) numbers and have one unique number per paper advertisement and have them forwarded to the main number. This way you can track your ROI

Steve was flabbergasted to say the least when we found out what his tree trimming service has long been missing a way to know if the money he was spending was producing a substantial enough of a return..

Now, just because you can track the effectiveness of paper advertisements does not mean I would go in that direction. The reason is you will get much better return on a properly run pay per click campaign. Google being the granddaddy of them all. While you have Facebook and Bing, Google is where you have a tendency to have the greatest conversion for a known product or service which obviously includes tree removal.

Now there is another way to get customers, and that is the old-fashioned door to door technique.

The great thing about this is that you can just pay straight commission to anyone who is hungry.

Now their dogs may be smoking by the end of the day, but if they are pulling 2 grand a week in commissions, then they can afford a good pair of shoes.

You can start off with door to door, but you want to eventually have a strong Google Adwords and Facebook ads campaign running. You can supplement that with paper ads since there is still a percentage of the population that still read what  call “substitute toilet paper for pets”!!

One thing that you need more then anything is tenacity. Just ask Steve of Sebring Tree Service. He just ground it out. Even to the point of, if he did not have enough business, he was knocking on doors himself.

He even become a ISA certified arborist because he saw that the other tree removal services in the area, were not doing this. He also had himself and his workers wear uniforms which they needed to keep clean. plus he had his trucks painted so they would look like new.

He was determined to stick out. He would have contests where households could win a new tree to be planted by his tree removal company

Oh, did he mention that before he started his company he was a database administrator. That really does not seem like a fit, but he wanted the outdoors, and the outdoors paid him well.

Let me know what you think.