Cesspool Service that Loves Pumping My Septic Tank

Cesspool Pumping was the last thing I needed this past weekend. Poo had literally started to back up. This has to be the worst thing that could happen to anybody. I knew I would probably need service and quick, so I gave a call to Cesspool Service Long Island.

When do something atrocious like this happen? It happens when your system is undersized for your house! But you may say how is that even possible? Did you not figure this out I’m what kind of load your family would be doing in order to make sure that your septic and cesspool system had the ability to handle all of your natural outings?

The thing was when I purchased this house it was much bigger than when it was first built. There are multiple extensions, rooms, extend the garage, and so forth. So when a three bedroom one bathroom house becomes a five bedroom 2 1/2 bathroom house something eventually has got to give.

So that something was my cesspool system and it was not designed for the amount of people that will be living in my house now. And unfortunately this was not picked up on the home inspection. The only thing that was picked up was that everything was functioning properly. Yea right! I had come to find out because of the lack of cesspool maintenance, my current system could not handle all the effects of the massive amounts of Mexican food that we eat. Those frijoles really want to make you go. Combine that agua de horchata and forget it

chili with black beans and chicken, top view, close-up

I am not all all the type of person that wants to buy a house that’s going to have septic tank & cesspool problems. Listen, you already spent enough money buying a house. I am come to the conclusion that the whole house buying process is run by the mafia. Why? Because the government and the banks are in cahoots to strip you of your dignity and every last dime that you have. The last thing you want to be hit with is the prospect of a high septic tank pumping cost.

Here in Suffolk County Long Island, there’s really not that much sewers. We definitely live in the land that time forgot. Nearly everyone has a septic system. With so much crap in the ground. I am starting to wonder if it gets in our drinking water. I mean, this is not the 70’s when Suffolk County was sparsely populated. The houses now are right next to each other. Now depending on when the house was built will determine what type of cesspool and septic system you have. If it’s pre-1973, your home will then have a standard cesspool system. If your house is built post 1973, then you will have a complete septic and cesspool system which basically is the septic tanks combined with the cesspools which acts as overflows

Pre-1973 cesspool systems is kind of like living in the middle ages! You never really knew if the doodie box was going to not only metaphorically but actually, crap out on you! It is kind of like a porta potty on steroids. It just holds a lot more of your peanut butter. Yea, I know. that was pretty disgusting.

Post 1973 cesspool systems catapult you into the modern times. Now, before you get slap happy, you’re still not in the 21st-century because you’re not connected to a sewer system. Don not despair! At least if your septic and cesspool system has been properly sized for the house, then you will have many years of flush free worries!

I am glad, that the owner of the cesspool company told me that they are an affordable cesspool service. OK, so I have some relief that I will not completely be robbed in order for me to have my throne back and working as incredibly wonderful as it was working before. You never realize how much you enjoy or miss something until it is gone!

Now getting a cesspool service in Suffolk County is obviously not that difficult. Like I mentioned before, there are not many homes and businesses connected up to sewers. You have companies such as citywide cesspool, sos cesspool, rescue cesspool, CDM cesspool, Long Island cesspool, and aparo cesspool, just to name a few. So the amount of cesspool and septic companies here on Long Island are not in short supply. I am glad for that because I know that I must not be the only person in all of Suffolk county that is having a Poopoo issue!

I am just thinking right now. I had this light bulb just flash over my head. It lit up so bright that the darkest caverns would have been lit up. Did a serious lack of cesspool maintenance lead to this near catastrophe? Think about it. If cesspool cleaning had have been done regularly, instead of the former homeowner being so cheap, would the issue of insufficient cesspool system, come up at all in the conversations with the company that was performing the septic system maintenance and the former homeowner?

No one of the things that the folks at cesspool service long island was looking at was a septic drain field. That is really one of the last things you want to go bad. Well your whole system is the last thing you want to go bad, but for some reason your drain field can be a huge issue.

Now the technicians actually took a look using video inspection, plus they examined the actual grassy area to make sure there was not his problem with my septic drain field. At least it appeared that they were being thorough. What do I know? They only thing I know is that if this not fixed soon, i will need to go to the nearby McDonalds.

Now thinking about it again, I have played in that area! I have had my face in that grass! I have actually had a picnic with my woman on that grass! OK now I’m pretty grossed out!! Just to think that the peanut butter I was eating now would be the same peanut butter not too far below where I was sitting. Think about having an overactive imagination.These thought are the ingredients for those horrible childish nightmares!

I don’t even know how I got off on that tangent. I’m probably sure that this is something most people never think of. At least no one will ever admit that they are putting much of a mental effort into thinking of your solid waste about 6 to 8 feet below you. The good news is now that I know where my septic drain field and cesspool tanks are at, I will have picnics at another location in my yard!

Anyway, let’s get back to the real issue at hand. Why the heck did this not come up in the septic tank inspection when the house is being purchased? I am going to find that home inspector and beat The turd out of him!

Could I have not gotten the worst home inspector in all of Suffolk County New York. What unlucky star was I born under for me to have all of the cesspool problems. All the previous owner would have to have done was to call and affordable cesspool service. Instead, I have been left to deal with this crappy situation.

Don’t you like all of the puns I am putting into my rant? Crap, poop, and all of the other words that I will restrict myself from putting them here. This would’ve not been such an issue if the number 2 problem would’ve been properly dealt with by the former homeowner and that piece of crap home inspector.

Not much I can do about the past, can I? The only thing I can worry about the cesspool pumping cost. Well I hope that’s the only thing I’m going to need to solve my septic tank and cespool problems.

So the process continues with cesspool service Long Island, looking at my entire system. Examining the septic pump, and giving me a total septic and cesspool inspection. If there’s nothing wrong with the leech field and as long as my cesspool and septic maintenance cost is minimum, I will be a happy camper.

So, as these guys continue to work, I am spending my time as this is going on, doing my normal house chores. Cutting the grass and trimming the hedges and boring crap like that.

Now I want to speak to all you male homeowners. Which one of you here in Long Island actually likes cutting the grass and trimming the bushes? Now I know there’s some of you out there that have nothing better to do. Your life is pretty miserable and boring. So instead of offing yourself, you cut the grass, trim the hedges, and cut your lawn not only for yourself but for your neighbors on either side!

Don’t you think it’s better just to go I don’t play bingo? I mean I think that’s a whole lot more fun, even though that’s almost the equivalent of making wallets at a psychiatric hospital, then watching grass grow so you can cut it!

Wow!! I just had an epiphany! We are literally watching the grass grow in order to know when to cut it! Life can be so miserable sometimes.

So in the end, all I need was my cesspool cleaned and pumped. It could’ve been worse. At the end of the day, the King got his throne back.


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