There are really a lot of reasons why you would want window tinting for your auto, home, office or boat. You really just want that friggin “kewl” factor. It is not too different when you wear dark shades. You strut your stuff in the grocery store looking like the neighborhood pimp. Is your real goal to prevent dangerous uv rays from entering your eyes or look like the main actor from Miami vice. Yea.. I too want some rad car window tinting applied to my Honda!

Car Window Tinting that Excites

car window tinting

Window tints come in all shapes and sizes. They are great to just look cool and also to keep cool. Car window tinting is pretty popular similar to a contact sport. People look for the best place where artists can try their craft and articulate a car window tinting design on their favorite ride. Maybe it is a bit of privacy that is wanted in order to keep invading eyes from peering in their windows.

Car window tinting can definitely give you the privacy that you are looking for. Make sure that you don’t violate any tint laws that are on the books in your neck of the woods. Here in Long Island, the cops really don’t bother you unless you are pulled over for some other reason. The last thing they really care about is some overbearing window tinting job.

When you get car window tinting done, make sure you go to a shop that has plenty of recommendations. Since the last thing that you want is your car to look like old and dirty bubble wrap, make sure that you get someone who really has mastered the art of applying window tint on your type of auto.

Car window tinting prices really vary from place to place. Beware the over nighters. Those bozo’s that buy the crinkly crappy tint that looks like ashy skin. The problem is the window film will not show its true colors after the devious application has been done. Car window tinting needs care in order for it to last a while. As a matter of fact, any type of tinting needs to be done properly so it can last for years. When you want to tint cars windows, you don’t do it sloppily or like you area having a race.

So do a good search. There are plenty of good companies that excel in car window tinting here in Nassau or Suffolk County NY. They will do the job right the first time. Even if they have a bad day and the window tint job buckles, they will make good. Always ask what kind of guarantee they have. Watch out for companies that say they have a Lifetime warranty for their car window tinting service, especially if they are not a brick and mortar business.

Residential window tinting is also something you should consider. Residential window film is not the same as used for cars insomuch as the main purpose is to reduce glare and block most of the harmful UV rays from the sun. Like auto window tint, it is applied from the inside of the house. Home window tinting also gives the home a bit of flair. It reduces the glare and just gives a really great aesthetic appeal. Especially if you live in a home on Long Island that does not have much tree cover, window tinting for your home will work extremely well. Residential window tinting cost is along the same lines per square foot as auto window tinting. Home glass tinting will really make the neighbors envious of your house. It is always like that when someone on the block upgrades their house, every Tom, Dick and Harry needs to follow suit. Why should window tinting a home be any different?

Window tinting a home is something that will make the homeowner’s life a bit easier when it comes to regulating the amount of sunlight that enters the house. Normally you would bring down the shades or close your vertical blinds. Correctly applied residential window tinting alleviates this necessity. Tinting is not dark at all but is able to reduce the amount of glare whether the sun, is falling, rising or in a high noon position. This is especially helpful with those with sensitive skin as harmful cancer causing UV rays are actively blocked from entering a home. The only way blinds or shades can do this if they completely block all of the light turning a house into a cave.

Marine window tinting takes the same premise as tinting cars. You may not have the same privacy issues unless you are moored to a public dock. In that case you have more than one reason for boat window tint being applied. Now the sun’s reflection off the water can be pretty brutal. You have more flexibility on the level of tint shades and colors. So go for the extreme boat window tinting and make your outboard or inboard extreme.